SAMYS is a South African owned family business that provides diverse products to our clients.


Our core expertise lies in sourcing, handling, storing and distributing products that customers and consumers can depend on.


As a South African owned family company that has been in business for over 21 years we have the structures and know-how gained over many years of experience to manage our business successfully


Our best-in-class methodology and practice together with best-in-class people drives quality in all our service and products.

Our People – We have outstanding people who consistently deliver outstanding results for our customers.

Our Core Values – We live and work by our values: Passion, Family, Experience, Reliability, Predictability

Our Products and Solutions – We provide innovate and best of breed products and solutions to our target markets. Our methodologies and best practice ensures that quality is transparent in all parts of our business

Our Customer First Culture – Nothing is more important to us than our Customers. Our focus is their competitive advantage.

Shopping Hours: 08h00 - 17h00