Starting off as a small family business in August 1993, SAMYS Wholesalers has grown from strength to strength and now has expanded it's business to cater for a wider range of snack, groceries and confectionery. SAMYS is one of the largest specialist Cash & Carry Wholesalers in the Northern Cape. We are located in Kimberley and service both retail consumers and traders alike.

The aim of our business is to become the leaders in the retail market that we serve. Our new store, at 78 - 84 Transvaal Road, is almost next door to the old shop, and is the Province's largest snack and confectionery outlet.

“As the founder of SAMYS Wholesalers I couldn’t be prouder of where the business is today. Over the past 21 years we have amassed a diverse and still wholly family owned company. We came from very humble beginnings. I started out at the Pick N Pay Group Retail Division and quickly learnt all the main facets of the business.The lessons learnt, passion for retail and attention to detail, put me in good stead to drive SAMYS to greater heights year on year. Our focus on quality, superior service and SERVING you BETTER has made SAMYS a household name in Kimberley.

Our Buying Group the Independent Buying Consortium Group has been with us since inception 2008 of our business. We are only grateful for the support and commitment from IBC and see us growing from strength to strength.

Our business became a true family operation about 9 years ago, when my 2 sons, Niven and Dhesigan joined the business. Together we have built and extended our store to cater for a wide range of customers.

My involvement in the daily operations is hands on and I continue to be an active member of the Board and always make sure I have the time to check all the facets within our business.

The value of hard work and perseverance that I instilled in my sons have been passed on to the next generations of Pillays and has filtered through our diverse operation.

As a family business our philosophy is to treat our customers, suppliers and industry peers as one of our own. I hope that when dealing with SAMYS, our history, experience and passion for our business resonates through our work.
I will always remember where I came from and hope that my story will continue to inspire and drive growth within SAMYS.”

Tom Pillay
Founder of SAMYS Wholesalers

Shopping Hours: 08h00 - 17h00